Meetingbox L2 - soundproof telephone box

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1) Exterior: 1.5~2.5mm thick aluminum profile, 10mm high strength film tempered glass, the door opens to the outside
2) Inside: sound-absorbing & sound-absorbing material, sound-absorbing environmental protection panel 9+12 mm
Ultra-thin + very quiet fresh air blower + sound-insulated air circulation line based on the PD principle. The noise level in the cabin at full power is lower than 35 dB;
Speed: 750/1200 rpm;
Fan volume: 89/120 ft³/min;
Average ventilation 110 m³/h
Contains antistatic and anti-fouling low-pile carpets
Integrated 4000K Led natural light
Furniture: not included
Power supply system: 1x power socket, 1x USB socket, 1x two-point switch for light (warm and cold light selectable) and exhaust air control (independently), 1x network interface
Feet selectable: adjustable feet, movable wheels, or fixed footrests.
Color, appearance, and size can be customized
Standard color: Black/White

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