Guide to OSRS Sins of the Father Quest

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It is also necessary to have these abilities prior to being able to start it:

Sins of the Father, the fifth quest in the Myreque quests series which is the fifth. It was first revealed at RuneFest 2019. It's a Master difficulty. It is a plot of Vanescula Drakan and the Myreque to take down Lord Drakan. This is the most recent and, possibly, the last installment of the Vampyre quest line. It's a crossover with the Runescape 3 version, The Branches of Darkmeyer however there are some significant differences between the two.

Quest Requirements

The previous line of vampire quests has to be finished.

A Taste of Hope

Vampyre Slayer

It is also necessary to have these abilities prior to being able to start it:

62 Woodcutting

60 Fletching

56 Crafting

52 Agility

50 Attack

50 Slayer

49 Magic

Benefits of Completing Sins of the Father:

Daeyalt Essence - This mineral had existed in the quest line , but without being used. It is currently used in an AFK runecrafting technique that beats others on the market.

The improved Ivandis Flail - The Ivandis Flail is the only item which can beat vyrewatch and increases your damage ability. The improved version will be stronger, and thus it is quicker to kill vampires that is in the game.

Darkmeyer City - It is a bustling city with every aspect of the facilities which includes a clothing store and an altar near the bank. There are many interesting sights to explore, including the castle, but we'll not give any spoilers. The city has improved vyrewatch, which drops the latest Blood Shard, along with additional impressive items.

Blood Shards – The blood shard is combined with an amulet, or fury. It is identical to the one available in Runescape 3. It is able to treat 10 percent of the damage you suffer, and when the 10,000 charges have been used and the amulet of fury is used, it will return to normal.

Vyrelords: You've probably seen them roaming around the Theatre of Blood. However, the ladies and vyrelords in Darkmeyer are completely different. At 82 Thieving, they can be pickedpocketed to purchase various expensive items, including Blood Shards.

Vyrewatch Sentinels are affluent vampires which are prevalent in cities and can be used as a training method. They have a very low chance of dropping the newly acquired shard.

Hallowed Sepulchreis a crypt situated in the middle of the city which is filled with treasures and traps. Some have compared it with Pyramid Plunder, but it's more complex.

Start with

Go to the church in Slepe and talk to Veliaf Hurtz, who is a familiar person in the quest line. He will describe the Sleeper Plague to you. This is a condition that causes people to not be able to awake from deep sleep. This could overlap with the Nightmare Boss update.

Hameln The Jester (who wears the purple costume) is located inside the same church. You can talk to him. He gives you the hint that his companion was sick after drinking at the pub, so move to the next clue in the bar.

Carl is the bartender, wearing an apron. Talk to him about the beer that caused Hameln's friend to get sick. You can also choose your own options on where the beer is from.

A barrel is hidden behind the bar, and can cause a cut-scene when you examine it. You'll be with Carl on his journey to the town's Dungeon. It is important to keep your eyes open as you would in Witch's House, where you have to be prepared at all times.

Just head west, inside the church and then slowly walk towards the middle of town. To stay out of the way by the police, hide behind trees and follow him around the road. He will eventually end up in the church cemetery.

At the conclusion of this sequence and you'll be shown a cutscene of Carl Vanstrom Klause, Carl and Kroy. After listening to the exchange, Kroy will attack with magic and melee. It's a simple fight, and you don't need the Ivandis Flail.

After you have defeated him, destroy the table in front of you.

Return to Veliaf in the Slepe Church Graveyard. Go towards Drezel, at the Paterdomus Temple.

Temple Trekking

Veliaf and Drezel will engage in a discussion about the bizarre happenings in the area with Werewolves. Drezel will also share the tale about how you were taken into the hands of werewolves in an earlier adventure. After you have discussed the 7 priestly soldiers You will then be instructed to go to the Haunted woods. However, first, you'll have to find Ivan close to the Frenkenstrain Castle.

Directly to the south of Caste, you will find Ivan in his red outfit He will be talking to you and it will be the cut-scene following a few dialogs.

Bring knives, an axe, and a few other items to be ready to assist Ivan. To begin the trekking session you must meet Ivan near the temple's entry point.

When you reach the first crossing point of the stream, cut vines from the tree in front of you to fashion a rope.

Use the rope on the branch of the swamp tree that's overhanding to create a swing, permitting each of you to cross. Keep going on the same route.

Make sure you are safe from the chaos of nails. They can be extremely destructive and you should kill the entire group before moving to the next.

If you experience other challenges you should refer to the OSRS wiki Temple Trekking Guide. It can be randomly generated, similar to the mini-game.

Once you've completed the task of escorting, head down to the boathouse that is situated in the southernmost section of town.

After speaking with Veliaf regarding your requirements take the boat and choose the Icyene Graveyard.

The Graveyard

You'll be joined by Saflaan Hallow. In addition, there will be conversation between him and Veliaf as well as Vanescula Drakan.

Then, you will be asked to locate an entry point into the masoleum locked.

By adjusting each row, it allows you to determine the correct number combination. This will turn all numbers green. It's a sodoku-like puzzle. It will activate a cut-scene when all rows and columns add up towards green numbers.

Once you have discovered the contents of the grave, it's time to talk to all the people in the gaveyard. It is necessary to follow the directions to determine who to speak to next. The cutscene should end with Veliaf.

After the team has reuinites it is recommended that you need an improved Ivandis flail, and you must meet at the former lab.

The Laboratory

Teleporting to the Theatre of Blood with your Drakan amulet is the most efficient way to access the Lab. You'll encounter various creatures that include an

Vyrewatch which will guide you to mines.

After you've filled your cart with minerals that you require, head towards the laboratory that was once used.

Talk to Saflaan at the lab and he will lead you to Bloodvelds. Once he is attacked, the Bloodvelds will turn red and you'll be forced into combat with an altered bloodveld (which can be killed using any weapon).

Talk to him again, and continue to dialogue. Go on to do more research in the laboratory.

In the room in the middle of western with a bunch of bloodvelds that are mutated, you'll discover the second volume of the book. Return the book to Safalaan

Go on the boat to Icyene Graveyard and head back to Burgh De Rott.

Discuss the Myreque team members located in the eastern Graveyard. They will also talk about the Blisterwood tree located at Darkmeyer.

Explore the underground caverns beneath Old Man Ral house in Meiyerditch to obtain a disguise from a normal vyrewatch costume. It could be

Purchased by Trader Sven who is located near.

Click to speak with Vanescula.

Go to Slepe's Zamorakian Church. This is an excellent spot to renew your prayers.

You'll be fighting with Damien Leucurte, who is level 204 and has multiple combat stances.

Damien Leucerte uses a combination of magic stances and ranged ones, spreading magical fire around the room during the fight. This fight is easy to master if you're a skilled fighter.

He can also poison you during the fight, so some form of Anti-poison is suggested, such as an anti-poisonplus.

To prevent damage being reduced to prevent damage from being reduced, extinguish the fires that are magical. Veliaf remain around, but won't do much in the big picture.

After fighting, make sure you talk to Veliaf before you leave

Rejoin Icyene Graveyard to discuss your concealment further.

Go to Darkmeyer with a disguise.

You are confronted by a vampire as you attempt to enter into the Arborterium.

It is evident that Mordan Nikazsi is aampire juvinate.

The man is found toward the entry point to Darkmeyer, east of the crack that you entered, inside a house close to the outer wall.

He will tell you to search for slaves.

The Arborterium is home to the slaves.

The Arborterium is now open.

For an old note look through for the shelves that have fallen.

Take a look at the note and then turn the valves near the entrance according to the description of how much water is needed

Take 8 logs from the tree.

You will need 8 blister wood logs to return back to the Icyene Graveyard.

Head back to the underground area under Old Man Ral house in Meiyerditch.

Take a sickle out of the crate

Combine ruby and sickle (requires chisel)

Enchant the ruby sickle

Make the Blisterwood Sickle by ehcanting ruby sickle, and blister wood log.

Defeat Vanstrom Klause (level 413) in which case you can utilize Efaritay's help to attack Vanstrom Klause using normal weapons during his vampyre phase.

Set a ranged switch to end the mini bloodvelds that are spawned.

You can be able to lure Vanstrom into the blood orbs that he creates.