Major paradigm shifts have occurred within Runescape

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I won't be leveling strength up anymore; strength is unecessary in staking and RuneScape gold I believe I've trained it up too much already. Currently, I'm working on attack in order to be able to keep pace with the range, but not so much as to not impact combat levels it's pretty simple. Ideally, I would like to see a staker at the level of between 80 and 85. This is where rangers are at their best in comparison to melee players who go crazy on def, att, and str.

I am not certain how strong my defense will be at by cb80-85. Keep in mind that the more I train to defend myself and my body, the less I'll be able to attack and range. Do you have any ideas about this or another aspect of my stake?

I've been looking at the forum and can say I'm amused at all the members that can believe that because we don't want to spend 6 dollars just to make a post on the forum means we're naive and aren't worthy of living. I'm in awe of the fakes who try to get gratis stuff from us, however they shouldn't be allowed to. I'm going on to destroy their main points.

F2 players are only looking for more items. Once we reach level 72 in all levels of skill, we will realize that this won't happen. The posts on this site are spam and a way for f2pers to appear poor. They will be spammers. Yes. All the posts that say "Give me back my SWARD", aren't. F2pers are idiots and should burn in hell. Yeeeeeah... God You should! They don’t have anything to loose. It's true, 6$ is less than the value of a year of our lives. Again, this is not something I intend to give to Sal members. If you do this, think about how foolish you sound.

Major paradigm shifts have occurred within Runescape since I left the game shortly after WGS was launched. One thing that seems clear is the shift regarding how skill levels should be balanced, evidenced by changes like bonus exp items such as the Penance Horn becoming commonplace or buy 2007 runescape gold Ancient Effigies.