How to express your opinion in an opinion essay?

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In real life, we often come across terms like what’s your opinion about your new college mate? Have you met Mr. George, what’s your opinion about him?

In real life, we often come across terms like what’s your opinion about your new college mate? Have you met Mr. George, what’s your opinion about him? What do you think about my new car? And many other examples like these. But what do we actually mean by an ‘opinion’? An opinion is a perspective, judgment, or view that arises in mind about any specific object or situation. If you want to learn how to give your stance or point of view in an essay without losing the true essence of essay writing then you are at the right place.

What is an opinion essay?

Opinion essay comprises questions that enable an essay writer to communicate their views on a subject. Writers should articulate their views accurately while offering a plausible rationale for that particular perspective. Some tasks of this nature demand reference to support the statements of the writer. Writing an opinion involves the point of view of a writer that is split into points and is supported by examples and clarifications.

Most academic writings, particularly essays, are based on facts and evidence. But there are some essay writings in which you are allowed to express your opinion. When you write an argumentative essay you should give counterpoints and outline the topic of the essay from multiple angles. But in an opinion-based essay, the pros and drawbacks should not be focused on, rather concentrate on your views on the matter. Support your essay with facts and examples as if you are trying to convince the reader.

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Outline for an opinion-based essay

Some students find it tough to select the right topic while talking about opinion essay themes. But it isn't that difficult: Think about anything you feel strongly about, and you're committed to. Choose a topic that makes you go “Yes! This is what I will write my essay on.” and then do some research on it, gather examples and information related to it. But most important of all, use your critical thinking on that topic and express your stance about it. Here are a few examples of topics for opinion-based essays.

  • Do children spend more time playing video games than playing outdoor games?
  • Does sleeping 8 hours a night make you more productive throughout the day?
  • What are the pros and cons of having pets at home?
  • Is living in a joint family system better than living independently? 

Opinion essay outline

When you come up with a topic, the next step is to write an introduction. The introductory section is a type of blueprint which describes how the paper is to proceed. One key of the introductory opinion essay is to provide your readers a hook and catch their interest. Learn the subject and support your topic in the body paragraphs of the essay after delivering a hook to your audience.

How to conclude an opinion essay?

The concluding paragraph reaffirms your opinion using alternative terms. Try to refrain from using a fresh concept. You may conclude with a warning, ask a provocative question or propose possible outcomes to make your essay more informative.

How to express your opinions in an essay?

You need to prove your ideas with good evidence if you are writing an academic essay. This is particularly true when you use certain stronger phrases. Be confident, keep in mind your target audience while writing an opinion essay. 

Usually, it is said that indirect expressions that reflect your opinion in a subtle manner are preferred in academic writing, but it may also be helpful to express your views openly using sentences that contain personal pronouns 'I' and 'mine,' in order to show that you are focusing on your views. Personal pronouns clearly illustrate when and exactly where you build on or deviate from your knowledge of sources. They emphasize the originality of your thoughts and opinions, which in turn enhance your style of writing.You can likewise contact paper writing service for more help.

Some expressions that can be used while expressing your opinion

“In my opinion, I believe that I have no doubt in, I am convinced that” etc. These expressions are rarely seen in academic writing but in opinion-based essays, you can begin your sentence with these phrases to support your argument. Use phrases like “it would seem that, this suggests that, this proves that” when you are assertive about your opinion.

Another effective approach to express your perspective is to utilize adjectives, “I consider it significant/critical/important….”. If you want to state something which you are not very sure about you can write “I assume that I suppose that, I think….” Some of the adverbs that you can use to support your opinion include “Obviously, Arguably, Evidently, Clearly”.

Few tips that you can keep in mind while writing an opinion-based essay.

  1. Make your opinion clear throughout the essay, don't give the impression to the reader that you don't have enough evidence or facts regarding your essay. Study thoroughly before starting your essay.
  2. Enhance your vocabulary, if you want to deliver your opinion effectively to a reader you need to choose accurate words for supporting your argument.
  3. Use strong phrases and adjectives to begin your sentence.
  4. Concentrate on one subject you wish to communicate when sharing your views. Avoid meaningless speech and do not lose focus on the subject.
  5. Explain and justify your statement by using words like “I partially agree or disagree”. Decide in the beginning whether you agree or disagree with the topic.

Becoming more skilled is a practical technique of successfully writing an opinion essay. It is necessary to refer to the key facts before writing anything. Use your critical thinking, justifications, and strong evidence in your essay. This is how beginner writers are transformed into master authors. You can also hire an essay writing service until you become a pro yourself.

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