Three runes of the same kind can be combined

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You'll receive the Horadric D2R Items Cube. By placing specific items inside the Cube can transform to something else. There are many recipes however it is important to be aware that something as simple as chipped gems can be put inside to raise them to a new stage of rarity. Three chipped rubies become one flawed ruby. Three of them become one ruby and so on.

Three runes of the same kind can be combined to create a different specific rune, or an item that can become upgraded up to the level of rarity. One important recipe is to socket an item or the Hel rune and a scroll from the Town Portal--this will remove (and eliminate) anything that's in the item's sockets, which will allow it to be socketed differently.

Hearthstone will be getting its first cross-over character from a different Blizzard franchise, in the coming Mercenaries gamemode. The new mode launches on October 12. and one of the mercenaries named after them are the evil devil of the Diablo series. He's available in the third bundle of pre-purchase that will be available for this game.

Blizzard revealed the new character along with a variety of Best place to buy D2R items brand new details. Also, we got our first glimpse at the Mercenaries game mode that Blizzard has been making public since the beginning of the year. It was previously announced that Mercenaries incorporates elements of RPGs and roguelikes within its PvP/PvE experience that is quite different than the normal Hearthstone cards game that is a collectible.