Tips to Craft an Effective Book Report

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Writing as an activity or learning process is not enjoyed and appreciated by everyone if assigned as an academic task.

The reason might be because it takes away the authority of a writer to spill out his ideas based on his personal opinions and understanding. For example, if someone is interested in reading fiction or non-fiction books, in their free time, you might find them reading those books and even reviewing them on social media and with friends quite often. However, if the same student is assigned a specific task to read a book and write a review, they might find it too difficult a task to proceed.

Book reading and reviewing as an activity, in today’s world has limited quite a lot due to massive access of mobile phones and social media to the modern generation. That is why even in schools when students are assigned specific books and asked to review them, they might find it a very difficult task to perform.


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 If you are in school and college right now, you also must have been assigned the same activity by your professor. The problem arises when having no idea how you are supposed to write a book review. When I was in high school and I was first assigned the task to write my paper based on a book review, I was just as clueless as you might be right now. But now that you have me and I have learned over the years, let’s exchange the information with the youngest generation.

Book report writing steps:  If you are assigned to write a book report, you don’t have to work hard, you just have to work smart. As it is obvious that, without reading the book you cannot proceed, but the point is you don’t have to read every single word and learn it. You must be aware of some of the basic details about the book at the end of the session.

The details include:

  •         Title of the book
  •         Total chapters/pages
  •         Writer’s name
  •         Book publisher
  •         Publishing year and date
  •         The genre of the book (fiction, non-fiction, history)
  •         Time /place where the story took place
  •         Names of the basic characters and events

This is the basic information that you must have in your head before you begin with the long plot summaries, or character analyses and themes. Yes, what I just mentioned are the 3 categories around which a book review revolves around.

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  •         Plot Summary: You might be thinking that you just have to restate or summarize the story in the name of the book review. NO! It might not be that difficult a thing as I mentioned before but it is not that simple too.

If you have begun writing a plot summary you are just meant to explain what in the story or the book had the most implausible effect on your mind. Whatever is your opinion about the book, good or bad, you cannot simply claim it without any explanation.

Just like any other analytical or reflective essay, where you support your claim with certain references and examples, you are also going to add up examples from the book in your review. Whatever line, phrase, and quotes you loved or made you think, you are supposed to add them in your review to make a good impression on your reader.

  •         Character Analysis: Your book does not necessarily have to be a thriller action novel to make you think and develop some interest in the characters. A narrator’s point of view, which can be reviewed throughout a book along with the given characters, holds a special position in the book review.

These book reviews tell the reader whether they should go and read the book themselves or not. So, that means as a book review essay writer you will have a heavy responsibility on you to help out the reader and state the facts accordingly.

  •         Book Theme: Well a few of you might not like this part but it greatly depends upon the type of book you are reviewing. However, the rest of you, especially those writing on a novel or book of their interest might find it the most interesting yet easiest part of their book review essay.

All you need to do is just think of one of the major themes that remained a part of the story throughout. Share it along with your own opinion regarding the writing technique and the severity or the usage of that theme throughout the story.

These three elements make the gist of your essay where you cover almost all the aspects of the book just the same as the writer of the book tried to cover and elaborate on them.

I would not call it a very easy task because I know it takes much effort and time to develop an interest in a specific book, especially the one assigned by someone else, and sometimes not even of your choice. I have incorporated all the possible steps and key ideas that might help you get along with your text but if any of you is still lacking some guidance, you are highly recommended to seek guidance from some essay writing service. Some of these services can also provide you with samples to look at, so you can easily estimate your way to write a book review yourself.

No matter what type, era, or genre of book you are required to write by following all these key steps and techniques you can get your goal. Just don’t forget that clarity and conciseness are also key to your writing success.


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