Who should you be watching during Wild Card Weekend

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We've seen that winning Madden 23 coins windows in Madden NFL 23. Madden NFL 23 aren't huge and close very quickly. The Vikings have paid Kirk Cousins $84 million to capitalize on that window and the season ended in failure. I liked the deal at the time, knowing certain of Cousins his limitations, such as losing big games often. In Sunday's most important game of the season, the Vikings offense was a mess again. The only thing the Vikings required was to win at home. Sure, they did it against the Bears which won the division. However, that's why Cousins was appointed. To win the game.

Mike Zimmer fired their OC within the last month, and it was thought to be a sign that their play calling was problematic. I'm starting to believe Mike Zimmer is the issue. They've had several offensive coordinators in the past couple of seasons this is obviously not an ideal situation. One was promoted into head coach New York, but Turner left mid-season and John DeFilippo was fired this season. There's too much dysfunction on the other part of the field, and the reason is that Zimmer likes to run the ball, even with an offensive line that is abysmal. The Vikings have excellent receivers who should pass more often than running. We hope Mike Zimmer has an awakening this offseason regarding the style of offense madden 23 coins buy he has to run, especially when paired with a quarterback who is expensive.

Who should you be watching during Wild Card Weekend

The Eagles ... keep an eye out. I can't explain Nick Foles. I don't know what's going on. I've heardit before, so I can't take the credit for this . However, it is evident on video and that Nick Foles does exactly what is requested by the caller. If the play is called and the defense is what they wanted, he makes the throw. Carson Wentz is so physically skilled that he is able to create the wow move instead of playing the straightforward one. The Bears are a ridiculously tough matchup for them though.