Baltimore could split from Ngata

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Cleveland Browns quarterback Madden 23 coins Brian Hoyer would be willing to join the team if given the chance to play according to Scott Petrak of the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram. Hoyer has also stated that he's unsure when he'll enter the market. Hoyer is scheduled to become an unrestricted free-agent at the beginning of the new league season, but the Browns could agree to an extension prior to that.

Given the questionable situation surrounding Johnny Manziel, Hoyer might be a viable option. There's always the possibility that Hoyer could find himself with options elsewhere and not have to contend with the possibility of more coaches leaving and the pressure on the team to force Manziel forward. Hoyer has completed 55.3 percentage of passes, gaining 3.326 yards, 12 touchdowns and 13 interceptions last season.

Baltimore could split from Ngata

The Baltimore Ravens have asked defensive tackle Haloti Ngata to alter the terms of his contract or to take a pay cut repeatedly over the last few years, and they're likely to ask for it again this offseason. Every time Ngata was not interested however this time, there's a possibility for the two sides to part the ways appears to be real.

The report from the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens should reduce the cap hit of Ngata for 2015-16. and if they fail, they might wind up buy mut 23 coins releasing the veteran. Ngata is a key aspect of Baltimore's defense for a long time, but the quality of his work on the field is beginning to decrease. The cap on his salary of $16 million . Reducing this is more important than simply giving Ngata lesser money.