Jerry Jones thinks Tony Romo should be Madden NFL 23 MVP

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The Eagles have Madden 23 coins a tough contest as they head to Chicago. I'm betting that the Bears are the better team in this game.

Black Monday

I started writing this piece in the morning of the first Monday. Five coaches were dismissed when I started writing the piece, and now they have eight.

The most attractive job opportunities happen the potential to go with Cleveland, New York Jets and Arizona. Those have young quarterbacks and the capacity room. I'd recommend that coaches be seeking these positions. Not sure where the other teams go because there's not many of the usual coaching hires. It's time to look outside the box and find top coaches.

Jerry Jones thinks Tony madden 23 coins buy Romo should be Madden NFL 23 MVP

The Dallas Cowboys clinched the NFC East title on Sunday with an unbeaten streak of wins and total destruction of the Indianapolis Colts. In the lead for the Cowboys was Tony Romo, who finished with four touchdown passes, and two passes that were not completed en route to a 42-7 victory.