Breaking into the Workforce: A Personal Reflection on My First Job Experience

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Among the different kinds of essays, the demand of having a good interesting reflective essay is also mentioned by different students.

They are tremendous kinds of essays and each essay requires a different writing style. A writer needs to figure out the appropriate writing strategy and technique to write different kinds of essays. The criteria for writing a reflective essay are different from writing a narrative essay. Similarly, different essays should be completed based on different tips.

An experienced essay writer is aware of all the different kinds of essays. Moreover, such a writer also knows the essential points which should be seen while writing a certain essay. Based on the experience they hold and the techniques they adopt, these professional writers assist people in learning writing and also help them in completing essays.

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Reaching out to a dark writer and then asking them to write your essay without having a glance at their previous work is not a good idea. Worried students and scholars often commit this action and later on lament doing this. As an understudy, I never believed anyone regarding my assignment and notes. I used to learn and then write my essay based on any topic. This technique always assisted in learning different writing styles and also having sufficient knowledge about my subject.

Students who don't find writing interesting and face difficulty in writing ought to always search for such a service with whom they could have a long-term plan. They can decide this by looking at their previous work and the sort of services they have provided in the past. Since they are different sorts of essays and each requires different skills and techniques, one shouldn't search for writers who are not experienced.

Among the different kinds of essays, the demand of having a good interesting reflective essay is also mentioned by different students. A reflective essay is an essay in which the writer shares any experience or teachings he acquired from a certain experience. Reflective essays should be concise and informative. The writer needs to explain his experience and also important valuable knowledge he acquired from a particular experience. In general, it mirrors any of his experiences.

An example of a reflective essay is given below

Sample: Getting my first work

Having some work makes a person motivated and independent. By getting some work a person becomes more responsible and attentive toward his duties. This is because experience in a practical workplace holds great significance in society. The point when I got appointed for my first work I had recently passed college. It was for the position of a junior UI/UX designer. During my final year, I used to randomly apply for different positions based on my inclination and abilities. Since I was good at graphic designing, I thought of joining the industry of designing. A private company situated in California was looking for youthful new graduates with prior knowledge of design so I thought of applying to that office. Getting my first work made me realize the responsibilities and important duties of my life and also groomed me into a professional candidate.

My first occupation was not difficult yet I faced some complexities because of my lack of experience. After training the first several days were a little difficult because I was not able to deal with my target and function like other team members. My first days were also packed because of my final clearance from college. Since I was new in town, I also adjusted my financial plan without any extra assistance. However, over time I got adjusted to the time and also managed my routine. This assisted me in achieving good feedback from the client and also satisfying the company with my performance.

Getting my first work also aided me in polishing my skills. Before getting official work I did not have sufficient knowledge related to my field. My first work taught me a ton of new things and lessons in my domain. I learned to deal with different tools and platforms. I was able to create leaflets and design different banners. My seniors and my team lead altogether made me sufficiently capable of solely designing a certain banner or a pamphlet. I also learned how to easily hold a strong grip on working on new tools. Along with the business-related experience, I also chipped away at my communication skills. As a junior software engineer, I had to interact with the client and ask him queries regarding his design. Working daily with the motivation behind learning new skills during my first occupation had a great impact on my resume and my personal experience.

My first work made me learn a ton of new things. Getting my first occupation was a turning point in my life. This was because after getting my first work I became more responsible and capable. I worked on my skills and also on my grooming. It was a wonderful and memorable experience. My first occupation was a bit challenging at first however, over time I became familiar with my routine and also the work.

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