Exploring the Dress Code Issue: Tips and Samples for Writing an Argumentative Essay

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Having a clothing regulation set in the workplace gives a professional look and also maintains a formal culture in the workplace. This is because when representatives are dressed formally as instructed by the company it gives a good image of the image.

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Following is an example of an argumentative essay

Sample: Should there be a clothing regulation at the workplace

The people who address an organization are their laborers. They are people who interact with customers and who address their company. Representatives should be in a presentable manner and also ought to take good notice of their dress and the way they carry themselves. This is necessary because if the representatives don't maintain them in a good manner it would have a bad impression on the clients related to the company. Based on this it is important to have a legitimate clothing regulation set in the workplace.

Having a clothing regulation set in the workplace gives a professional look and also maintains a formal culture in the workplace. This is because when representatives are dressed formally as instructed by the company it gives a good image of the image. Moreover, it also specifies the difference between representatives and makes them prominent. The clothing regulation is normally set based on the culture so that the specialists can easily have many options to wear. The clothing standard at the workplace maintains professionalism within the workplace. Whether format or semi-formal clothing standards plays an important work in having a positive perspective of the workplace. The clothing standard set ought to also be included in the policy of the organization. This is important because through this the specialists would take serious account of clothing standards.

The clothing regulation makes the laborers confident and also enhances their personalities. It makes the workplace appear to be a professional organization. Having a legitimate clothing standard is an important demand as combinations of different tones and mixed cultures in the workplace affect the overall presentation of the organization. To maintain a good environment in the workplace it is important to have a legitimate clothing standard that representatives might keep.

Not many people are against the requirement of having a clothing regulation set at the workplace. This is because they find it time-consuming and also consume their energy in deciding the appropriate dress and making it look formal. However, such specialists ought to be explained and shown an image of a professional organization. Moreover, they ought to be taught the way in which dressing style harms the workplace. This is because to maintain professionalism in an organization it is important to have certain principles and regulations set. At the point when representatives are allowed to decide what to wear and what to not then they don't limit their choice and styles. Scarcely any specialists would come up looking over fancy whereas hardly any will not come in an especially maintained presentable manner. Based on this it is important to have a clothing standard set at the workplace.

Based on all the above-mentioned points and actions it can be demonstrated that it is important to have a legitimate clothing standard set in the workplace. Moreover, having a clothing regulation set in the organization makes the workplace look professional. It also has a good image of the organization and attracts more customers. Customers address the way an organization looks and displays an image of an organization so therefore it is important to have a legitimate clothing regulation set in the workplace. It is also important for the achievement and future development of the company.



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