The Fight Against Smoking: A Guide to Crafting a Convincing Argument

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Hardly any people are not in favor of banning smoking. These are those people who work in the smoking industry and also deal with drugs.

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A sample of a persuasive essay

Any medication which contains nicotine makes a person addicted to it. Cigarettes have the medication tobacco which includes a high quantity of nicotine. This makes a person easily addicted to it. Smoking damages the internal functionalities of a person. Smoking is not good for both the present or eventual fate of a person. Smoking has numerous negative impacts on health. Based on the negative impact on health, I recommend that smoking ought to be banned.

Increasing health issues are one of the main reasons why smoking ought to be banned. Smoking damages the internal organs of a person. It affects the heart, blood circulatory framework, and digestive framework and also increases the risks of numerous health issues. It also increases the chances of numerous mental issues like depression, anxiety, and anger and makes a person frustrated. Smokers often have lower stamina than people who don't smoke. There are numerous cases revealed each day of smoking. These cases are rapidly increasing over time. The main cause of this issue is because of the high consumption of medications like tobacco, heroin, cocaine, and so forth.

Smoking damages the youthful generation and it ought to be banned. Numerous teenagers have become addicted to drugs and are regular smokers. This is problematic for their present and future life. Students who smoke are unable to concentrate on their studies. Smoking is the gateway to getting addicted to other dangerous medications. Teenagers who are addicted to smoking easily get addicted to numerous other medications. This resultantly annihilates their life and makes them drug addicts.

Smoking is also giving rise to air pollution. This is because the particles released into the air are toxic and affect the environment. Many people are also allergic to smoke because of its release ought to be controlled. Based on this it can be demonstrated that smoking ought to be banned.

Hardly any people are not in favor of banning smoking. These are those people who work in the smoking industry and also deal with drugs. The government should ban such industries and avoid employment in such areas. Through this, they can zero in on banning smoking. Banning smoke will be beneficial for both current and people later on. Smoking is increasing the cases of health issues and also affects a person both mentally and physically.

To decrease the increasing issues caused because of smoking, it is important to ban smoking, especially in public spaces. Teenagers and the youthful generation ought to be aware of the issues caused because of smoking. People ought to be aware of the increasing health issues because of smoking. Moreover, there ought to also be serious action taken against people who smoke in public areas and risk the health of the people around them. Based on the above-mentioned analysis, it can be demonstrated that smoking ought to be banned to decrease the increasing issues caused because of smoking.



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