JetBlue Terminal at JFK: Where to Eat, Drink, and Relax Before Your Flight

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JetBlue Terminal at JFK: Where to Eat, Drink, and Relax Before Your Flight

The best terminal at the hub, Terminal 5, is at jetblue airways jfk terminal in New York. JFK Terminal 5 is the airport's new terminal, having been built in less than 12 years. It is roomy, sunny, and filled with popular restaurants and shopping options. The fact that JetBlue owns and operates the terminal contributes to its success because the airline is interested in keeping the facility in good condition. Even so, the stress and hustle of travelling can make it easy to miss some of the terminal's better amenities. For advice on where to dine, drink, and unwind before boarding a flight, we asked T5 devotees and other Traveler editors.

places to eat

The sushi served at Deep Blue, which is close to Gate 22, is not airport sushi. Contributing editor for Traveler David Jeffreys, who typically orders takeaway for his flight, adds, "It's damn good, and not smelly." The ham and manchego sandwich at Spanish tapas bar Piquillo, the first in an American airport, is another editor favourite for those seeking something a little heartier, as is the unexpectedly Whole Foods-like Cibo Express for those seeking more of a selection of snacks than a full meal. Photographer Jacqueline Harriet claims that the acai bowl at the Jamba Juice by Gate 21 is her go-to pre-flight meal, despite the fact that it sounds "so simple."

Where to get a drink before takeoff

According to city tours director Corina Quinn's recommendations, high-quality wines are offered by the glass at Bar Veloce (next to Gate 29) and have something to satisfy even the most snobbish oenophiles. You can't go wrong with any of the wines offered by the glass, but if you're travelling with a friend or two, the bottle of Falanghina, a white wine from Campania in southern Italy, and the Schiava Gentile, a light-bodied red wine from Alto Adige, close to the Austrian border, are both delectable and incredibly affordable. In addition to Veloce, Piquillo offers ample pours for those who want a glass of wine to relax before a night flight.