Mei Gongqing _ Lin Jiacheng

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I saw the front of the road, rolling up the smoke and dust, the end of the smoke and dust, a group of people galloping.

I saw the front of the road, rolling up the smoke and dust, the end of the smoke and dust, a group of people galloping. Looking at it, Wang Hong's eyes turned to the blood-red figure standing alone in the official road. In a twinkling of an eye, the procession ahead appeared in the field of vision, and the flag flying high in the procession was also clearly visible. On the flag, there is a word "Min". It was Ran Min's team that came. The smoke and dust soared into the sky, the horse's hooves rumbled, and in a twinkling of an eye, the smoke and dust had approached Chen Rong, who was getting farther and farther away. At that moment, a clear drink came out, and all the horses stopped. In the procession, Ran Min, dressed in civilian clothes, galloped out on horseback. He rushed in front of Chen Rong. Stopping the galloping horse, he stared down at Chen Rong, who was dressed in bloody clothes. He frowned and said, "What happened?" Seeing Chen Rong bow his head and keep silent, he reached forward and held Chen Rong's chin, making her look up at him. His eyes met, and his thick eyebrows locked into a knot. "Ah Yung,Coil nail machine, what happened?" He clearly saw that Ah Yung in front of him still had such a gorgeous face and such a pair of bright eyes, but there seemed to be some differences. Obviously still face, so a day or two do not see, then become another person. He gently touched her lips and ordered in a low voice, "say." Chen Rong lowered his eyes. She said in a low voice, "General Ran, I can't marry you." Ran Min tightened his hand on her chin and frowned and said doubtfully, "What were you talking about?" Chen Rong blinked her long eyelashes and she smiled slowly. This smile is a little enchanting. She looked up at him, at his eyebrows,Nail machine supplier, at his thin lips, and at the line behind him. Behind him, a carriage was approaching. The curtain of the carriage was lifted, and a familiar, pale and beautiful face appeared before her eyes. The face, when facing Chen Rong, opened its mouth in astonishment, and the resentment engraved in her eyes was replaced by surprise at this moment. That beauty, it is Chen Wei, she has changed into a woman's headdress. Chen Rong smiled and looked at Ran Min and said softly, "General, Ah Rong and Chen yuan's family are irreconcilable. If you accept Ah Wei, Ah Rong won't want to marry you." Then she shook off his hand and walked on. She didn't say anything about losing her virginity. She didn't mention Wang Hong. Chen Rong just walked out a few steps, behind her, then came Ran Min's long laughter, he said sarcastically, Nail Making Machine price ,Nail production machine, "Chen Shi Ah Rong, you are too lenient." He was answered by the figure of Chen Rong, who went farther and farther. Ran Min's thick eyebrows were locked, his toes were a little, and the fire dragon horse rushed to Chen Rong like a gust of wind. In a twinkling of an eye, he appeared in front of Chen Rong again. With a whoosh of his hand, he clasped her chin and whispered, "Chen Shi Ah Rong, where did the blood on your body come from?" He looked her up and down, his heart missed a beat, and asked in a deep voice, "Is that you, the beautiful woman who rushed to the front of the two armies to fight?"? Is that you? The voice was rapid and tight. Chen Rong nodded his head. Why Chen Rong pulled off his hand slowly, lightly and gracefully, "because I don't think it's interesting to live." The grip of his hand on her chin was too tight, too tight, so tight that it hurt her and she couldn't pull it off. He looked her up and down, then suddenly stretched out his left hand and pulled her arm. After looking at it, he asked suspiciously, "Why aren't you hurt?" Hearing his question, Chen Rong chuckled, she smiled, contemptuously, and said lightly, "Those Hu pawns, I think they have never met a woman on the battlefield, to me, they will be stunned, then there are not dull, the sharp stab to me, also deliberately avoid the vital point, and some, but also put away the weapons, want to capture me alive." I finally felt a sharp pain coming from my chin.. She stretched out her hand and pulled the big hand outward, but how could she pull it with her strength? So she raised her eyes. He looked at him charmingly, raised the corners of his mouth, and said slowly, "General, please let go.". Ran Min snorted coldly. He suddenly let go of his hand and held her arm instead. The wolf's eyes were like knives. "I know very well what kind of person you are.". Say! What's going on? A Rong blinked his long eyelashes. Her eyes were like water, and she squinted at him for a long time. Her lips opened slightly and she smiled brightly. "Does the general have to know?" "Say!" As he shouted, Chen Rong chuckled. She approached him a little. She raised her toes and approached him quietly. She gently put her red lips to his throat. Almost suddenly, the tip of her tongue spat like a snake, and the lilac uvula licked his Adam's apple! Ran Min trembled and could not move. She clung to him, snorting and exhaling like an orchid. "Because", the chuckle from her throat was so charming that she put her lips against his Adam's apple and said softly and tenderly, "I lost my virginity!" Two hundred paces away, Wang Hong, who was sitting back in the carriage, looked up at this scene and drank the wine in the cup. Chen Rong printed her lips on Ran Min's Adam's apple and spit out these words. She chuckled again and threw a very coquettish wink at him. Then she slowly pulled off his hand and turned to go. Her arm was locked by Ran Min. "Who is it?"! Who is that man? His voice was so angry that without looking back, Chen Rong knew that his handsome face must be livid and twisted. As far as she could see, all the soldiers bowed their heads and rode back. After he dragged Chen Rong heavily and dragged her into his arms, he hissed in a murderous manner: "Who is he?" As soon as Chen Rong spoke,nail manufacturing machine, he believed her story. Because there is not a girl in the world who would joke about such a thing. Only this reason can explain her mutation. Ran Min was furious and hated, so he grabbed Chen Rong's fingers with great force, which made her bones clench and her smiling face sweat slightly.