Or Say Something And Make A Dramatic Gesture

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Yeah we keep saying that. Majority of Reddit will not buy it. Why the fuck would EA care when they make absolute bank on the match. I'm wondering exactly what Madden 21 coins next-gen will bring to the table. The teaser trailer from a few weeks ago already had a peek at the in-engine footage. EA does something most people would regard as great and people figure out ways to make it poor. Because a reasonable amount of cynicism towards corporate gestures of"solidarity" is healthy. It is not totally unappreciated, but like, we have seen that with satisfaction. Most companies just started doing it when they knew it had been financially safe to come out in support. It's almost definitely a calculated business move. Does not make it a bad thing. Look at Netflix authors. A lot of them have publicly said that they have desired x race or x sexuality character in shows they have wanted to make, only for different studios to tell them to tone it down or eliminate it completely. Netflix doesn't tell these folks to write stories like that, they have only given them the liberty to. Much like HBO.

Idk, how I see it, companies are constantly trying to pander. Look at the"we are going through tough times" shit we got for covid19. I really don't know why folks single out Pride month pandering year in, year out. I don't understand why people single out Pride month pandering year in, year out. Because often, a lot of companies who Buy Madden nfl 21 coins have supported anti-LGBT policies, politicians, or even possibly have just been not terribly progressive in the past, all slap on rainbow avatars on Twitter and say some words that are hollow, or even worse, trying to monetize pride-themed merchandise. Because frequently, a bunch of companies who have supported anti-LGBT policies, politicians, or even possibly have just been not incredibly progressive previously, all slap rainbow avatars on Twitter and either say some words that are hollow, or worse, attempting to market pride-themed merchandise. It's singled out because it's particularly transparent. I believe fauxgressive is much better. Passive progressive sounds like an authentic progressive thing who makes no progressive actions. Fauxgressive sounds like somebody pretending to be progressive. I remember reading that a sizable segment of the LGBTQ community hates how corporate Pride Parades have gotten since those businesses were nowhere to be seen when their service would have made a difference, especially at the height of the AIDS catastrophe.