Long live the call

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"Can you say a little more guilty?" Princess Sissi found that she liked to see him like this,

"Can you say a little more guilty?" Princess Sissi found that she liked to see him like this, because his expression was so funny that she tried her best not to laugh. Chapter 181: [Feeling of Electric Shock] Full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight http://www.xs74.com/. Back to the Tianchi Lake, Yueyang was surprised to find that Grey Wolf had regressed from the fourth level of silver to the third level of bronze. It had two heads, but it had become one head. It was scarred all over, and it looked like it was dying. Other people's war beasts are more and more fierce, the level is higher and higher, it is good, directly from the silver level to the bronze level. Then look in front of Grey Wolf, the giant Xing Meng is lying dead. It seems that the giant Xing Meng fled here and fought with Grey Wolf. In the end, he, the'broken mountain demon ', was tragically defeated by Grey Wolf. Was it this torture that beat you like this? Yueyang is a little surprised, but it doesn't look like much. Grey Wolf's body is scarred, with new wounds and old wounds. It seems to have fought more than one battle. Besides, he clearly ordered it to protect the three-tailed snow fox at the foot of the mountain, when did it slip up? Seeing that the three-tailed snow fox was not there, Yueyang quickly asked Grey Wolf, "Where is the snow fox of the Lord of Fallen Flowers?" Hearing Yueyang ask about the three-tailed snow fox, Grey Wolf lowered his big head in shame. Yueyang felt a burst of sweat, did the three-tailed snow fox hang up? This is really finished, wait for the little girl of the Lord of Fallen Flowers to wake up, how can I explain to her? Grey Wolf limped up to Yueyang. It is ready to be beaten by Yueyang Dun in anger. Yueyang looked at his pitiful appearance, and his heart softened. He put down his fist: "You are just a wolf. I shouldn't ask you to do better. It's good that you can survive." Yueyang stretched out his hand and sent a breath of True Qi to Grey Wolf Shu to help him recover quickly. Grey Wolf was so touched by this that he almost didn't raise his head to the sky and howl to show his affection for his master. As Yueyang sent True Qi to Grey Wolf Shu, he suddenly made a new discovery. He found his hand, how can there be a golden and white rune array looming out? Is this a phenomenon unique to the congenital level? Yueyang confused, the most magical,ultrasonic dispersing machine, in his arm of the rune array will be free to rotate, from time to time changing the shape and change the rune to see Yueyang students a Leng Leng, half a day did not understand what it means. Strangely enough, Yueyang knew in his heart that these rune arrays were a special effect of blessing True Qi. With the blessing of the rune arrays, the healing effect of True Qi was at least ten times greater. Grey Wolf was so comfortable that he couldn't help howling. Its forehead, the emergence of dark golden writing, eyes also began to flash Yueyang arm writing array changes, a burst of golden light in its body emitted. The vision startled Yueyang. Finally, I was shocked to find that Grey Wolf would transform, and it would hide its true strength? Yueyang strange, Grey Wolf this guy unexpectedly did not know when to promote to the gold level five, the appearance actually looks like the bronze level three appearance, if not for the influence of the rune array healing effect, oneself did not see. The third level of wisdom can not see, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic cutting machine, Yueyang is estimated to be an ordinary warrior, it is even more impossible to see that Grey Wolf is a golden five-level demon wolf. Has Grey Wolf been with himself for a long time and become cunning, so he has learned to disguise himself? "What's the matter with the dog?" Princess Sissi, the swordsman, was also curious, but what she was curious about was not the transformation, but the runes on Grey Wolf's forehead. Princess Sissi knew that Grey Wolf was at the foot of the mountain, and it was impossible for him to get the runes. And did not sign a contract with Yueyang, how can it have a call? Yueyang thought that Princess Sissi was saying that Grey Wolf had changed from bronze level 3 to gold level 5. She explained, "I don't know, but Grey Wolf was originally silver level 4. Maybe there was some kind of breakthrough and it became gold level 5.". I guess it has learned some kind of skill, so it can hide into bronze level 3. I don't know the details. Grey Wolf can't speak, so I can't know the truth for the time being. When Princess Sissi heard this, she sweated, "Fool, all the advanced war beasts with wisdom will hide their strength. The higher the wisdom, the more advanced they will hide. What's so strange about that?". But you this big dog, but it is not that it knows how to hide, but those runes, secretly help it hide its strength. "Ah, there are runes, Grey Wolf, you have been contracted?" Yueyang was startled. Woof! Grey Wolf quickly denied it and showed his loyalty. Can't you tell the difference between a contract and a rune? Its forehead is a summoning rune left over from ancient times, just like a war beast, which can help the main body to enhance its war power. Don't you also have ancient dark runes on your body? Princess Sissi felt that Yueyang students should study in the college for a hundred years, otherwise they would make a big joke. Hey, don't compare me with him. I'm his mast anyway! Yueyang feels that compared with Grey Wolf, it is easy to produce the ambiguity that he is a big lady-killer. It's a stupid dog, you're a lady-killer, the same thing. Sure enough, Princess Sissi put Yueyang's classmates into the category of lady-killer. Yueyang squatted in the corner to draw a circle, looking very depressed. According to such wariness and defense, it is not easy to push down this swordsman royal elder sister. According to what Mr. Qu yuan said, that is, 'It is a long way to go, and I will explore from top to bottom.' Yueyang students thought, when will it become attractive? I will explore from top to bottom. It is too difficult! But picking up girls is a technical work, in addition to paying attention to the right time, the right place and the right people, but also talk about some technology, Yueyang students do not believe that they take out the earth's wolf summed up the "thirty-six stratagems to pick up girls" and "one hundred and eight ways to pick flowers", but also can not take this Princess Sissi with Rouge tiger eyes. What about the princess? The princess was born to be pushed down by herself and was born in this world. Yueyang students are very! Think iy. In the distance, a shadow flashed, and Yueyang saw a silver light coming at a very fast speed. Fast like a comet across the sky, three-level eyes,ultrasonic welding transducer, but also almost did not see something close, the moment, has been shot in front of Yueyang. fycgsonic.com