Boudoir by August Winnie

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This really seems to be "man is not as good as God",

This really seems to be "man is not as good as God", he guards against all, but did not "guard against". His own mother and concubine. Traveling for days, exhausted, coupled with the first battle of Liangyue Gorge a few days ago, it was even more exhausting, and there was no chance to rest. At the moment, I still felt a little dizzy. Mind and body relaxed for a moment, just want to take a seat, suddenly remembered one thing, then raised his voice: "Hurry to call Du in charge!" " Du Yunhe originally went to Jiangxia with Zhao Yi, but later he succeeded. Zhao Yi could not return to Yunzhou for a while. Du Yunhe was careful and prudent, so he was the best candidate to sit in the palace of Yunzhou. Therefore, Du Yunhe was now the steward of Prince Yan's mansion. The situation in the mansion was under Du Yunhe's control. All the tip-offs submitted to Zhao Yi were handled by him, so he was the most reliable. When Zhao Yi received the news that the princess was in trouble, Du Yunhe sent someone to present it, so Zhao Yi had no doubt, how could he know that someone dared to make a mistake on it? Just to see the princess without hindrance, just surprised ecstasy to go, at the moment reaction to come over, Zhao Yi heart anger, clap the table immediately call. The voice just fell before long, hear outside the door somebody says: "Hear prince summons?" It was Du Yunhe's voice. "Please come in, Mr. Du." Du Yunhe pushed the door and entered, but carefully closed it. He stepped forward and lowered his hand and asked, "What's the matter with the prince?" When Zhao Yi saw that he looked calm, he was so angry that he asked, "Mr. Du, how did you falsely pass on the news of my mother's accident to Beijing?" "It was the princess's idea, not mine,Brushless Gear Motor," said Du Yunhe. Zhao Yi sneered, "So you just watched the princess send a false message?"? If today's message is not the princess, but the fine work of the Liao people, leading me into the trap, then what use do I want you? When Du Yunhe heard this, his expression loosened a little. He looked Zhao up and down again and asked tentatively, "On the way to the prince.." But there was an accident? "What do you think?" Asked Zhao Yi. Du Yunhe frowned: "This, I did not expect." The Liao people are so well-informed. When Zhao Yi saw that he had nothing to do with himself and had no intention of repenting at all, he could not hold back: "Are you admitting your inaction?" When Du Yunhe saw his anger, he was still not alarmed. "Prince, wait a minute. I still have something to say.". I was forced to spread the false news, but.. Not entirely because of what the princess meant. Zhao Yi sneered, "It's not the meaning of the princess. I'm afraid it's the meaning of the Liao people." Du Yunhe smiled: "Just the opposite." Zhao Yi looked sideways and faintly heard some overtones. Du Yunhe said, "The prince is extremely clever. It's just that he's confused because of the princess. Can't you figure out who else's orders I can't disobey besides the prince?" With these words, he raised his hand and pointed up slightly. Zhao Yi's heart turned sharply and he understood what he meant. "What you said is.." he said. This moment is like a cool moon. Chapter Table of Contents Chapter 382 Although the cloud servant girl was nominally detained in the Dali Temple for trial, no one knew that she was a proud person of the Ministry of Punishment, Gear Reduction Motor ,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, and the two princes, King Yan and King Jing, in order to protect this person personally into the palace to face the saint, and even the prince and King Heng were very "concerned" about her life, so the Dali Temple did not dare to neglect her, so they "disposed" lightly and cheaply, placed her in a greenhouse in the Yamen, and asked the imperial doctor to treat her. [For the latest chapter of this book, please go to On this day, two people came to visit the cloud servant girl, but it was Cui Yin and Cui Cheng of Cui Hou Fu. In order to take good care of the cloud servant girl, Yan Wang secretly informed, then sent Xiaoqing and Lingyu two people, special service, so after two days of meticulous recuperation, cloud servant girl's leg injury finally improved. Hearing that someone came from the Cui family, the cloud servant girl was supported by two maids and went to the ground to greet each other. It was Cui Cheng who came to the front door. When Cui Chengren was outside the capital, the camp knew that something had happened to his family, so it granted him leave to go back to the mansion. When Cui Chengren heard that the cloud servant girl was also involved, he was worried and hurried back to the mansion to find out what was going on. When Cui Cheng saw that Cui Yin's face was dejected and his expression was low, he was different from before. "What does father think?" He asked. "How else can I feel?" Cui Yin snorted? It can only be said to be the evil of previous lives. ” Cui Cheng is not a child after all, also some know father's temper, service way: "Father but." But blame Chief Xie? Cui Yin smiled and said, "What blame? Besides, what's the use of blame? After all, people can't come back to life after death." When Cui Cheng heard this, his eyes changed slightly. There was no one else in the room at the moment. Cui Cheng bowed his head and said, "I don't think Master Xie is the one who would do this. Besides, I don't think it's the evil of a previous life.". It can only be said that they have done their own evil and cannot live. Cui Yin felt a little hurt and said, "Even though Yuer has a lot of disadvantages, now that he has died violently, why should he say such a thing?" Cui Cheng shook his head and said what Cui Yu had done before, including asking the cloud servant girl to help him accommodate in private. He said, "When I heard this, I was so angry that I hurt him. Do all these fathers know?" It was only later that Cui Yin heard that Cui Yu intended to "bribe" the cloud servant girl, and Cui Yu's jaw was injured before, he was also slightly aware of it, but Cui Yu did not complain, Cui Cheng did not mention it, so although Cui Yin listened to some rumors in the house, he only acted as a brother and did not take it to heart. See Cui Yin is silent. Cui Cheng said, "At that time, I warned him not to disturb him any more. Why did I hear that he had gone to Xie Fu again and was still swearing?"? When his father knew what he was, he would guess what he had done. Why did he have the courage to go to the door of the head of the Ministry of Punishment to ask others to do things? How could he fail to plead for mercy and turn against him like this? As soon as Cui Zhong moved, he knew that his son was not like his father, and he naturally knew what Cui Yu would do when he became angry from embarrassment. But Cui Cheng said with a sneer, "I wasn't in Beijing at that time, so I didn't know. To tell my father the truth, if I were in Beijing,Low Rpm Electric Motor, I wouldn't have to be attacked by others." Cui Yin in the end is some can not help this: "Nonsense!"! Aren't you afraid of losing your life if you say that? "What am I afraid of?" Asked Choi Seung? When I first joined the army, wasn't I always ready to wrap the corpse in horse leather? Cui Yin cherished his son, so he only sighed and refused to blame him.