Mobile Storm

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"Fifty percent of the energy is lost and the safety index is restored."

"Fifty percent of the energy is lost and the safety index is restored." The energy shield was eliminated, Doyle couldn't believe what he saw in front of him, God, what kind of mecha is this, the red body, the model is so smooth, the combination of strength and beauty, and the wings are gorgeous. "Lieutenant Doyle, didn't you say that the explosion lasted three minutes? Why are you in such a hurry to close the door?" Li Feng's voice is like ice for thousands of years. Doyle also did not speak, suddenly raised the laser is a roar, but hit the energy shield like water droplets on the surface of the water, a layer of ripples, disappeared without a trace. Li Feng didn't even look at it. The laser shot back. Two knights X who stood up were shot in the head. The flames and explosions couldn't affect Li Feng's fighters, but the others were different. Doyle wanted to get out of this place, but Li Feng blocked him. What a terrible mecha. What's going on here!!! The attack was ineffective, Doyle immediately put on a gentle smiling face, "Lieutenant Li Feng, we are all soldiers, ready to sacrifice at any time, your mecha is amazing, how to get it, as long as we go back, you will become the greatest hero in the history of the alliance, this mobile suit will bring us a new group of mecha!" Lieutenant Doyle. Tut-tut, it seems that there is really nothing to say. Doyle, who had been smiling,Slate Wall Panel, suddenly burst out, and the alloy knife suddenly chopped down. Straight chop the head, laser is not good to use, does not mean that the physical attack is not good. When. The alloy knife has been cut off. What weapon is in the opponent's hand? God. Laser swords! Once Li Feng has the wariness, again plays this, Li Feng is his ancestor! There is really nothing to say, but Li Feng is too unwilling! Roar. Laser swords shine in all directions, the opposite Cano V was cut off the head, cut off the limbs,Carrara Marble Slab, and then the left hand popped out directly through the cockpit, Doyle was pinched out before the explosion. Doyle is stupid, monster, absolute monster! But all he could do was scream. His bones are being squeezed little by little, although the other side is operating a mobile suit, but the strength is very delicate, really painful, but can not die. Ah, ah, Lieutenant Li Feng. You're a soldier! Let go of me. Let go of me! "OK, I'll let you go!" Li Feng's hand loosened, Doyle fell down, just a little surprise, a huge laser sword has come to his eyes. The huff and puff of energy engulfed him in an instant. Is Doyle an asshole? Orders? Li Feng has a crazy impulse. Kill! Kill! Kill! The demon fighter sent out the roar of the beast, and the huge shock wave was scattered with flames. The wings burst out with tremendous energy, and the mobile suit rose to the sky. Both sides in the battle looked at the air in shock. What is this mobile suit!!! Never seen the model, actually can fly, and has such a strange shape, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Grey Marble Slab, this function is obviously not the Normandy duck model can be compared. On Li Feng's monitor, the five soldiers he brought were finished. The other side was not a sand bandit, but an Ivent soldier. In that case, all go to hell! In midair, the devil fighter put away his laser sword and folded his hands into a tube shape. At the same time, the eyes of the mobile suit burst into a strong light, and the particles visible to the naked eye in the air kept concentrating between the hands of the mobile suit. The Events couldn't believe what they were seeing. My God, this mobile suit was separating particles in the air! Magic Roar Particle Cannon! Accompanied by Li Feng's roar from the soul, energy poured down, a beam of light fell directly into the center of the base, half a second of silence, people's senses disappeared, can not hear, can not see, a snow-white. Rumble. The ground was steaming, and in midair only a beast-like mobile suit roared up to the sky, as if someone was shouting in the explosion. Why Why In this world, not all questions have answers. Double happiness. Angel's peace performance was very successful. To be exact, it did play an exemplary role in promoting peace. Both NUP and USE spoke highly of the kindness of the little angel. Now any normal person knows that Angel's devotion to peace is absolutely sincere. With her fame, there is no need for hype. Money? That is not lacking, and this performance is free, for the accident encountered a magnetic storm nearly died, Angel also responded with a very strong attitude, in the face of media interviews, she summed up with a memorable experience forever, it can be seen that the little angel was not affected by this and gave up his ideal. But not everyone is like this, and some people are not. Li Feng came back, only he came back, death? He won't care, the soldier can die on the battlefield is already a good home, early play everyone has such a day, but not clear to die in the hands of their own people? He could feel Fantasy's unwillingness before he died. Since he was a soldier, he was determined to die, and when he carried out this task, Fantasy had already made such preparations, and even secretly gave the suicide note to the doctor, but. Genetic experiments? Ridiculously, it is clearly the research Institute of the land battle beast mecha of the Event people, and the research and development has entered a relatively mature stage. Undoubtedly, the biggest winner is the military. They get all the information, which is very important for the technologically backward USE. Even if they can not occupy an absolute advantage in space, they must always maintain their dominance over the earth. Chapter 294 of the main text doesn't care anymore. Li Feng rendered meritorious service again, Doyle Second Lieutenant and others died heroically, but finally there is a living, the credit must be all to him, but for those things Li Feng has been dull. He really likes the life of the army, which is always yearning for, with everyone's time is his fastest, although hard, but this is a real man's bloody life, sweat together, charge in blood and fire together, even death! The sadness of death could not shake his faith, but Fantasy's dying eyes deeply stimulated Li Feng. All along, he had only one idea, that is,Calacatta Nano Glass, to be the bravest soldier, and even to become a general, just like those respected generals. But what is this for? And the reason?.