Endless sword outfit

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A few hours later, Ye Bai finally moved his fingers, and then his left arm began to feel.

A few hours later, Ye Bai finally moved his fingers, and then his left arm began to feel. Slowly, his legs gradually recovered from deep paralysis, but they were still sore and painful. However, he was finally able to stand up. Ye Bai stretched out his hand and endured the sharp pain. He climbed up from the ground, sat cross-legged on the futon, and rested silently. This strength is improved, but the damage to their own body is not small, do not immediately run power repair, I am afraid it will bring some sequelae, that is not good, fortunately, Ye Bai's response to this kind of thing has become a common practice, and then a few hours later, Ye Bai jumped up from the ground, the whole person has become a spirit again, full of explosive strength. Full of energy, the body and mind are restored to the peak state. Full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight http://www.xs74.com/. Chapter 5 Entering the Mountain Full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight http://www.xs74.com/ Chapter 5 into the mountains. He raised his head and looked at the sky, but it was already late at night. Suddenly, a cool breeze blew, and Ye Bai realized that he was all over, sticky,inflatable amusement park, and had a low odor, but it was the result of breaking through to the peak of the eight layers of Xuanqi. Ye Bai smiled bitterly, pushed the door open, went out, came to a lake, jumped down and washed his whole body, changed into a clean robe, and felt light all over. I just want to fly on the wind. This is the strength of the benefits of the promotion, this feeling, a person can experience a few times in a lifetime,inflatable floating water park, it is simply worth this life. Ye Bai stood by the lake, feeling well for a long time, waiting for the wind to blow his skirt, feeling that his whole body was dry, the night wind brought a chill, Ye Bai then threw his sleeve, smiled, took a big step, and walked back. A night without words. When the next day, the sun just rose, the first ray of sunshine in front of Ye Bai, Ye Bai automatically woke up, as soon as he got up, all the bones of his body sent out a burst of "crackling.." The crisp voice, like fried beans in a bamboo tube, did not stop until half an hour. The injury and fatigue of fifteen days outside were swept away, as if they had never existed at all. The whole person was like a sword out of its sheath, full of a sharp breath. I can't go to the martial arts training hall today. I had to rest for a few days, but my strength improved overnight. My injuries were all good, Inflatable water obstacle course ,Inflatable indoor park, and my spirit recovered to its peak. I might as well continue to hunt animals and collect herbs in the mountains to make up for the contribution of 500 points! Reaching out the inscription card, Ye Bai looked at the number displayed on it, "385 points, 115 points short of the number of 500 points of a gray scale low-level method, if calculated according to the previous speed, I still need a year before it is possible to collect enough.." "However, now that I have improved my strength, I should be able to go to a more advanced place, and the speed of getting family contribution points should also be increased accordingly, and it is only three months away from the family exchange ceremony!" Thinking of this, Ye Bai could not help sighing in a low voice and thought silently. Three months, one hundred and fifteen points, which was impossible before, but. I can't wait! "Time waits for no one. If you miss this time and want to go into Xuanwu Pavilion again, you will have to wait another year." "However, I do not have this opportunity, so this opportunity must not be missed!" "If there's really no way in the end, I can't say." His eyes could not help but glance at the wooden bed that had been repainted by himself, and fell on the top of the hidden compartment where the three pieces of cold light iron were hidden. But in an instant, he suddenly shook his head: "No, these three pieces of cold light iron can't be taken out unless absolutely necessary. Once exposed, it's possible to die, not to mention the low-level secret of the gray scale.". ” "So, this time, I can only rely on myself. Don't think about being lazy. Three months is impossible before. But now I'm at the peak of the eight layers of Xuanqi. If I work hard, it's not necessarily impossible!" After clenching his fist, Ye Bai cheered himself up, his eyes gradually became firm, and after giving up the idea of playing cold light and strange iron, he became completely urgent, knowing that time waits for no one, so he no longer hesitated, pushed the door and went out, and at the moment of going out, his footsteps vaguely stepped on a floor tile on the ground, and immediately bounced up a few tiny lines on the floor of the house. If someone breaks into the house, trigger it immediately. Then he closed the door and made sure that he had nothing to miss. Then he smiled with satisfaction and walked to the city. A day's plan lies in the morning, at this moment, all kinds of street stalls selling snacks have been put out, soybean milk, fried dough sticks, sesame cakes, steamed buns.. The aroma of all kinds of food mixed together and went straight into people's nostrils. Ye Bai casually bought a few steamed stuffed buns and two deep-fried dough sticks. After wrapping them up, he thought about it for a moment. As soon as he turned around, he walked toward a drugstore facing the street, which looked very old. The shopkeeper of the drugstore was an old man with a white beard. When he saw him coming, he couldn't help laughing. He shouted at him from a distance, "Brother Ye, you came to buy medicine again?"? What do you want this time, or just Diedahong and Jiedusan? Ye Bai stepped forward, apparently accustomed to the old man's enthusiasm. He reached out his hand and took out an ingot of broken silver from his bosom, about five taels. He put it on the counter, nodded and said, "Yes, the same three portions of bone-setting medicine and detoxification powder." The old man looked at him and said with some surprise, "So many at a time. Are you going to go far away?" Ye Bai nodded his head. The old man looked at him, quickly wrapped up the medicine, and handed it to him together. There were six small bottles, three red and three green. The red one was bone-setting red,inflatable air dancer, and the green one was detoxification powder. Ye Bai took them into his arms, and then walked out of the drugstore in the eyes of the shopkeeper. After a little hesitation, Ye Bai walked out of the west gate. joyshineinflatables.com