How to Choose the Best Fog Light Cover Replacement for Your Car

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One of the best ways to stay safe on foggy nights is by replacing the fog light covers on your vehicle with aftermarket lights that have brighter beams and more durability than their OEM counterparts. However, it’s important to know what to look for in these lights before you make your p


What Are Fog Lights?

Fog lights are high-intensity auxiliary lights that are mounted near the front of a vehicle. They’re used in conditions with heavy fog, rain, or snowfall. Fog lights help drivers see other vehicles and objects on the road by illuminating their surfaces, which would otherwise be shrouded in darkness. They also provide added visibility while driving through tunnels or underpasses where headlights don’t reach.


How To Shop For New Fog Light Covers

When shopping for new fog lights, consider these three features: beam pattern, wattage and color temperature. Beam pattern is a measure of visibility on the road. Wide beams are best when driving at speeds of 50 miles per hour or less; narrow beams are best in stop-and-go traffic. Wattage has an inverse relationship with light output: higher wattages produce more light than lower wattages, but consume more energy and have shorter life spans. Finally, color temperature refers to how much heat a bulb produces. Warm white bulbs emit a yellowish hue that makes it easier on your eyes as you drive at night.


Benefits Of Replacing Old Fog Lights

-A new fog light cover replacement can extend your visibility and help you see more clearly. 

-You can choose from a variety of different styles and colors, so you’ll be able to find one that matches your vehicle’s specific needs. 

-Replacing fog lights is also an inexpensive way of improving your visibility.


Common Questions About Replacing Fog Lights

What should I look for in a fog light cover replacement? Every car is different and what you need will depend on your particular vehicle. You can find out if your car needs replacement fog lights by looking at the type of bulb in your current ones, or looking at how bright they are when you turn them on. If they are dim, it could mean that it’s time to replace them.


Tips To Avoid Mishaps When Replacing Old Covers

Fog lights are generally mounted on the grille or bumper of your vehicle, and some fog lights can be seen when looking from behind. It’s always a good idea to replace your fog light covers once they become damaged or worn so that you maintain an optimal level of visibility. Here are some tips on how to keep your new fog lights in pristine condition:

-Do not touch the bulb with bare hands as oils from your skin can cause damage. Keep a cloth handy at all times if you need to handle a bulb. Cleaning with alcohol will help remove any oil residue left behind by bare hands.



Which fog light cover replacement is right for your car? You can find many different types of lights, but not all of them are designed with quality in mind. For instance, you want a light that’s going to last and provide ample visibility. It should be easy to install too. Here are some brands you may want to consider:

- Hella : This company produces top-of-the-line fog lights that come with a 5-year warranty and come in several different styles. They have a wide selection of both clear and colored lenses, so you can choose what best meets your needs. What’s more, these bulbs also have an anti-corrosion coating that will help protect against harmful UV rays and moisture from forming on the bulb surface.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a fog light?


 A fog light is a low-beam headlight that has a wide, flat beam pattern and is used in heavy fog or other atmospheric conditions where there is reduced visibility. This type of headlight helps drivers see more clearly, because the beam it produces penetrates deeper into heavy fog and dust particles than regular headlights.


2. How do I know if my car needs one?


 If you feel like your headlights are not illuminating enough on dark or misty nights, then it might be time to purchase a new set of replacement fog lights for your vehicle.