Do you really need a consultant for implementation of ISO 9001?

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In ISO 9001 Certification in Ukraine, we will be conducting an ISO 9001 certification audit for a client, as we know it will become clear that the main auditee was also the ISO 9001 implementation consultant who had “installed” the management system. We will also explain that we will have to speak to the organization or process owners, i.e., the users and owners of the system, but the consultant continued to be remained hidden and tell these answers to the questions on behalf of the company employees or workers, who obviously will know very little. As we have to say, the audit had not gone well.

In ISO 9001 Services in Ukraine, the organization itself will find in the position to the requirement to implement ISO 9001 Certification, these things may not have the internal skills so these things cannot be done without external help. So, we have an obvious answer to the obvious question of “Where do we start?” becomes “Get a consultant.” However, the answer is not that matured. Instead of that, we needed a follow-up question that will raise the question: “Do we really need a consultant?”


To consult or not to consult?

In ISO 9001 Consultant in Ukraine, the decision should be whether we have to hire a consultant or to “do-it-by yourself” doing by yourself should be made only after proper consideration. The wrong decision will turn costly and also fail the process to deliver the proper results. So, we have to keep in our mind that the motivations for implementation and certification will vary.

In particular ISO 9001 implementation in Ukraine, the implementation source is external (e.g., certification is always will be demanded by a focused customer as a condition of being included on an approved suppliers’ list), and there is only undeveloped knowledge of what ISO 9001 certification actually is, and there is always deadline pressure, then the steep inclination will be to put in your hands of the consultant who assures to install a “ready-to-use” system in the shortest and easiest way of the possible time and with minimal distortion and demands on you. So, we will have to think once or twice before you hire someone.




The worst kind

In ISO 9001 Registration in Ukraine, we can ask what is wrong with this approach? If we have to pay a lot of money to a consultant then what is their job to do including creating all your document information and getting this through your audit so that the certificate is on your hands? As we know, this provides a fake sense of security. If the auditors are not that too fast to do the process, you might just get through the initial audit and get certified. But if there is no proper understanding, between buyers, or the ownership of the company workers, this kind of “emergency system” is always limited viability. And, we do have a question what about the next audit and the one after that? Will you continue to be helpless unless the consultant is there to hold your hand? SO to answer these typical questions or if you have any queries you can contact us anytime. 


How to get ISO 9001 Consultant in Ukraine?

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