Trends in Mobile App Development to Watch in 2022

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Given the unimaginable success numerous applications have and are enjoying, mobile app development is becoming more and more popular as a potential investment. But what can one anticipate for the future of mobile app development now that 2022 has arrived?

To get a good start in 2022, check at these top 10 mobile app development trends!


1. Applications Using the Cloud


Mobile Game applications can be accessed using cloud computing and cloud-based applications. The needs of mobile users would be significantly reduced by this trait. Since cloud-based mobile applications are not platform-specific, they will immediately function on all platforms!

The creation of mobile applications using the cloud has many benefits for the app owner. Because there are less hardware and software requirements, it offers reduced prices. Additionally, as clouds are set up for such protection, it increases data security.


2. Safe Apps


App security is crucial due to the recent string of hacking scandals and software flaws that have endangered user data!

Users of mobile apps of all ages are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of utilising insecure applications. This happens most frequently when the information is sensitive, like addresses or bank information. Therefore, mobile applications with weak security run the danger of losing users' trust and having very few users overall.

In reality, both app stores demand that mobile apps provide information in their Privacy Policies about the consumer data they gather and how they utilise it.


3. The use of AI/ML


Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are working to give users a more tailored experience.

These two technologies also assist app developers in gathering crucial data regarding their users' app activity. This helps the programme give users a more individualised experience.

A mobile application and a game development company will implement chatbots, voice recognition, and facial recognition using AI and ML technology. Both technologies greatly speed up the process of accessing a mobile application and the data it contains. The 24/7 help that bots provide is their most useful quality.


  1. Mobile Business


PCs and laptops are the ideal devices to use to visit most e-commerce websites. These devices aren't universally available or owned by everyone, just like mobile smartphones. The vast majority of consumers prefer to purchase on their mobile devices. As a result, mobile app development that focuses on the mobile commerce audience can succeed more quickly.

M-commerce apps, as they are known, make it easier to shop on mobile devices. There are also other customizable features accessible. Applications for mobile commerce offer the following features:


  • Saved payment details
  • Option to repeat an order
  • Buying from wish lists
  • Order history
  • Easy login
  • Mobile-optimised content


Overall, adopting these mobile commerce apps has several advantages, but mobile device users gain the most from doing so.


5. IoT


The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a network of computers, machines, and other items that have software and sensors built in to allow for communication and data collection.

With the development of smart gadgets and automated home appliances, this technology has grown in significance. Automated lighting, thermostat control, security systems, home appliances, and other items are all covered by IoT.

Important data is collected when these sensors are connected to mobile apps and the internet. By preserving data so users do not have to repeatedly enter it, this information can be crucial to developing your app and making app use simpler for consumers.


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6. Prepare for the 5G era


Although 5G technology may not be developing as quickly as the big tech companies would want, being ready for its impending release is crucial if you don't want to fall behind when it does! This indicates that it's worthwhile to start preparing your software to support 5G, perhaps not right now but in the near future.

Additionally, some nations have already launched 5G connectivity in a number of cities. A mobile app may see great success if it is one of the few that supports 5G in a county that has recently deployed the connections.


7. Software Programs for Cryptocurrency


Blockchain technology is the foundation of all cryptocurrencies and is not a new concept. An important investment for people all around the world is cryptocurrency. Additionally, there are no longer any age limitations on investing in cryptocurrencies.

Having an app that welcomes bitcoin fans would be beneficial in a time when few governments promote cryptocurrencies. Not to mention that the cryptocurrency sector is a fascinating industry with a market value of over $1 trillion! Say that's not alluring now.

You can decide to focus on the cryptocurrencies that have the biggest following and are the most well-liked and stable.


8. Cellular Payments


The necessity to carry cash has significantly decreased as a result of the use of digital payment systems and mobile wallets. Services for developing mobile apps Ensure that applications for eCommerce provide this feature.

In addition, more people are using digital mobile wallets, banking applications, social media apps with built-in money transfer features, and mobile OS-based payment solutions, which has increased the usage of all of these services.

It is incredibly handy to use a digital payment because it eliminates the need to carry about credit or debit cards. The use and integration of such payments in offline and online retailers is also beginning in a number of retail outlets.


9. Apps for Foldable and Wearable Technology


Applications must keep up with the continual improvements in device technology, software, and form factor! The most cutting-edge technologies right now are foldable and wearable, both of which require applications that are specifically designed to make it easier for owners of these devices to use them.

The software platforms that these devices support as well as screen sizes differ. In 2022 and 2023, there will be an increase in foldable devices due to the recent launches of such devices by practically all brands. Adapt to all devices and take their sizes and form factors into account in order to thrive.


10. Technology Using AR and VR


It's not new to use virtual reality (VR) and artificial reality (AR) in mobile app development. Quite a few gaming and e-commerce applications, in fact.

A few AR and VR applications that can serve as inspiration for your smartphone app include determining how a pair of glasses will look on you, determining how a piece of furniture will look in your room, and offering real-life experiences in a game environment.




The number of apps and downloads have been constantly rising year over year, and 2022 doesn't appear to be any different, making this year look good for the creation of mobile applications. Finding the best mobile app development company that can create unique software depending on your needs is the key to harnessing the appropriate trends.