Baby in Taxi Melbourne

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Do you have to go to Melbourne with your child? No worries, we have baby seats to transport your baby safely.

It can be challenging to find yourself on unfamiliar streets in a city you've never visited before. When you hire a professional driver, you can be sure that you are in the company of someone who understands the area's particular traffic patterns and the valuable shortcuts to get to your destination on time. Plus, a professional driver has the experience and training to help get you and Baby in Taxi Melbourne to your destination safely and hassle-free.

You board with baby at your door: Our driver takes care of you at the address you have given him, on the day and at the agreed time. You travel in complete safety: the vehicle is equipped with one or more baby seats to accommodate newborns to small children. The car is spacious: you can store your child's stroller, his travel cot if you need to put your baby to bed after your trip, your luggage and those of your little one.