Does the Mutes Work?

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Recent talks and arguments about CC's have been many. Most people like "slayer dart" for OSRS Items barrows. Even top players think that slayer dart is the most effective way to barrow. It could be more suitable for you, depending on your playing style. You also might have high mage (85+) 90+ def and 80+ pray. Which means you can do 342147219 chests in a single journey. This is great for you, however melee for me is more profitable. I make more money by not spending money on 100+ Slayer Dart Casts, and I am able to get more chests for each journey.

Barrowing is typically done by people who are lower in levels. In the nine months that I've played, I have done many barrows. I am able to melee as well as mage. I prefer melee. I have 3 ppots and 1 superset. I have the ability to hit 3 chests, depending on the way my brothers are hitting. If I'm lucky, I might be able to complete three or two chests with slayer dat. This was tested on my own char. However, for others, it may not be true.

Now the other thing is why it is believed that veracs is the sole "worthwhile" melee technique? I have tried barrows with a whip+defender and BGS. They both work better than I did with veracs. With the low hits and slow attack speed, I only managed to complete one journey.

This isn't a grievance, it isn't a suggestion, it isn't an issue, but rather an intellectual perspective. I do not like people who are dishonest. Read the whole article and, if you feel that you need to prove me wrong or demonstrate your support, by all means do. It's not necessary to try and act smart. I would like to hear your opinions on the subject in the event that you respond. It is not necessary to go through what other people have written, you just need to say what you consider to be your opinion.

Does the Mutes Work? This is Part 1 of my series that I am sharing with the community. I will produce threads to allow you to debate the concept and have your view on it. In this episode, I speak about the system of punishment in Buy Old School RS Gold the game, and its flaws. The next time we talk, we'll be discussing the game's economy and how individuals can affect the game's economy.